Day 20: Moving day!

Got myself a moving, shifting, swearing, lifting, live-in Jones!! As of today, Si and I live together under one roof, and our kitchen is a wonderful blend of both our stuff. I couldn’t be more excited.

As I wrote yesterday, this morning all Si’s cooking stuff was in boxes, so we treated ourselves to a Wetherspoons breakfast to fortify ourselves for an epic day of loading and unloading the van. Although Spoons is really good for vegan dinners, it doesn’t yet do a vegan breakfast, so we both ordered a ‘large vegetarian breakfast, hold the eggs’.

This came with three quorn sausages, hash browns, beans, toast, a mushroom, and a tomato. It was marvellous and much needed – and we even remembered to ask for soya milk with our tea – but we have a confession to make about a bit of an epic fail. While we were excitedly chatting about the move, we tucked into our meals on autopilot and unthinkingly added the spread that we’d been given to our toast. We had eaten two slices each before we even thought of checking the ingredients – and of course, this being a vegetarian breakfast, it was butter. Damn!

It’s the first non vegan thing I’ve eaten since we started Septofu, and I’m quite cross with myself as we’ve been so careful, even pedantic about checking ingredients (though apparently the beans Spoons serves aren’t vegan either?! So we’d have accidentally sabotaged ourselves anyway) but I won’t beat myself up too much, it was an honest mistake. And we had too much to do to grieve!

Cue lots of hefting boxes and bags and furniture up and down stairs – hugely hot work, thank goodness for Coke Zero! – and two trips back and forth in the van. It was tough, but we were completely done in around three hours, with my flat newly filled with Jones’ possessions. En masse the boxes looked quite intimidating, so we didn’t start unpacking rightaway but went for a quick pint to welcome Jones to his new home. I know, naughty non-teetotal behaviour – but Jones had taken me for a drink in my new local when I first moved here, so it seemed rude not to return the favour.

Once home we tucked into the pack-up I’d made yesterday: a roll with chilli jam, mango chutney, and jalapeño ‘cheese’, plus a bag of crisps. After an afternoon of unpacking, though, we were ravenous again, and too tired to cook. To be honest, even if we’d had the energy, we hadn’t made enough impact on the kitchen boxes to be able to get to the oven! So the Quiet Vegans cast about for all our loose change and went to the chippy. With the help of a large portion of chips and the two bread rolls left over from the pack I bought for lunch, we mustered a chip butty carpet picnic – and some prosecco to welcome Jones in style, of course! How’s that for the glamorous life.


Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with soya milk
  • Accidentally sinful vegetarian breakfast (oops)
  • Coke Zero
  • Roll with mango chutney, jalapeño cheese and chilli jam
  • Bag of ready salted crisps
  • Orange squash
  • More tea
  • Chip butty plus vegan mayo and chilli jam
  • Prosecco

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