Day 8: In a potato far-far away…

Today has been a bit of a nibbly day, with leftover vegetable biryani for lunch and no dinner as such to report (gasp!), but we have had such a win in terms of the shop we found while exploring the streets to the other side of our nearest tube station (amazing that we have not been this way before!).

While going for an evening stroll, we came across a biggish Indian supermarket and dived in for a nosy. Goodness, I wish we’d found this place months ago, it’s amazing! All the pulses and nuts and seeds and spices that you could ever want, in such big quantities and so cheap! And they also stock a brilliant range of chilli sauces – we’ve got Si a new Sriracha made with green chillis, and they also stock the super-hot (Carly-proof) ‘Mr Naga’ paste that previously he’d only seen online. Result!

The best find, though, was a packet of mini-poppadoms, and one of intriguing potato ovals called ‘far far’. You’re supposed to deep fry them, but we’ve tried putting them in the microwave and they puff up so beautifully. They have a lovely, pure potato flavour, and are nicely thick but airy in texture – they kind of remind me of French Fries crisps. Drizzled with sriracha, Si has declared them his favourite snack ever, and the best thing about VegAugust so far. High praise!

We were supposed to be making stuffed cabbage leaves for dinner, and had got as far as making the parcels and cooking two big potatoes in the oven for mash, but to be honest we had snacked so much that we’d spoiled our appetite rather. Oops! Never mind, though – our dinner plans could wait till tomorrow, and we just bumped everything on the meal plan along by one night – so it’s cabbage parcels tomorrow, and black bean chilli on Saturday. Sunday will be a picnic dinner, weather permitting!


Instead of a proper meal, we ended up nibbling a few more far far discs, and ate the crispy potato skins that we had scraped out for tomorrow’s mash (I fancied mine up with vegan spread and a finely chopped raw mushroom, to get a bit more fibre/vitamins into my meal. Followed by a luscious vanilla Alpro dessert and a glass of fake G&T¬†and it felt surprisingly decadent!

For all this fun, though, allow me to end on a vegan whinge… I use a pre-paid card called Revolut in place of a normal debit card, to help with budgetting, and every 10 payments you sometimes get a time-limited perk (a free coffee, cash back on food at certain places, etc). I got a new one today, and it’s for 5% cashback on McDonalds. Ordinarily I’d be delighted by this – but did you know that McDonalds don’t have any vegan items on their menu?

I mean, some bits and bobs like their fries are incidentally vegan, but you can’t put that perk towards an interesting meal. Boo and hiss! I was very surprised that such a big name hasn’t yet embraced the vegan movement, especially when it’s gaining so much momentum on the high street – given that so many of their rivals (Burger King has recently launched a vegan burger, though apparently they cook them in the same broiler as meat products, and I hear KFC has launched some kind of quorn burger) have seen the green light, though, I’m sure they’re follow suite soon!


Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with almond milk
  • Leftover biryani
  • Handful of peanuts
  • Spoonful of peanut butter
  • Bread and spread
  • Loads of fizzy squash
  • Piece of dark chocolate
  • Potato far-far with sriracha
  • 1.5 potato skins with a chopped up raw mushroom
  • Fake gin and tonic
  • Vanilla Alpro

Today’s cravings:

  • Cheese

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