Day 2: Mea culpa…

Forgive me, vegans, for I have sinned! Just two days into our latest challenge (is that a new record?), I’ve managed to eat something non-vegan. Well done me…

The trouble started when I missed lunch. I was working from home and before I noticed it was 3pm (I’d had some avocado on toast at 11, so wasn’t hungry till then)… we were going out for dinner later, so I didn’t want to cook anything big and spoil my appetite, so what could I nibble to take the edge off it? Eloquently showing that my brain hasn’t yet switched onto the instinctively vegan frequency, its first two suggestions were ‘a piece of cheese’ and ‘one of those pre-prepared chicken breasts that Tesco sells’. Very helpful!


In the end, I settled on some fizzy squash to fill me up – but without thinking, I also grabbed one of my favourite yuzu gummy sweets and popped it in my mouth for a little sugar boost. Too late, it suddenly struck me that they probably contained gelatine – as a quick glance at the packet immediately confirmed. Rats. It’s not my first slip – during our September challenge we accidentally ate butter during a hubristic Wetherspoons breakfast – but at least then we’d managed 20 vegan days in a row, so to mess up on day 2, and to do it so carelessly too is a bit annoying. But onwards and upwards!

This evening we were out at the theatre again, and Jones had been sufficiently envious of yesterday’s Wasabi delights that he asked if I wouldn’t mind having a second meal at the same restaurant. Where Japanese food is concerned, I’m always happy to oblige!

I was in the mood for a more substantial meal this time round, so eschewed the soup in favour of tofu yakisoba – or I would have done, except they were all out. Sweet chilli tofu? All gone too. Boo and hiss… as a last resort (too hangry and stubborn to think of switching back to my beloved noodle soup) I opted for the only vegan option still available: tofu curry.


Readers, it was not nice! The noodles had clearly been sitting about all day, and were very stodgy and soft. The curry itself was ok – nice flavour, at least – but it was SO salty, and made for a heavier meal than I had wanted. Hey ho, live and learn! Simon’s meal was so much nicer and lighter – a teriyaki tofu rainbow salad. It was a beautiful colourful array of raw veg – red cabbage, avocado, edamame beans, cucumber, spring onions and mixed leaves – with roasted butternut squash and brown sushi rice. I had a little nibble and the tofu was so light and fluffy, it was almost like eating fresh brown bread soaked in teriyaki. Gorgeous – I am definitely having that next time.

There was one success, though: we also shared an onigiri, or seaweed-wrapped rice parcel packed with butternut squash and edamame beans, which was lovely. The papery crunch of the seaweed perfectly complemented the dense filing – really really good.

So, you win some, you lose some. Faced with my disappointing soggy curry, I found myself longing for my usual omnivorous order, the chicken katsu salad (I know they do katsu pumpkin, but it’s just not the same – too sweet and soft)… funny how yesterday, with my lovely noodle soup, I didn’t miss it at all. And above all, it felt very odd to finish a Wasabi meal without my favourite Japanese thing of all: a doriyaki! I suppose, with its honey pancakes and egg custardy filling, you couldn’t think of a less vegan treat, unless you slapped a rasher of bacon on the top – but they’re nommy and I wanted one!

snapshotimagehandler_1183311235But let’s end on a positive note: on the way home from the theatre we nipped into Tesco to buy Si some alcohol-free beer, and on impulse also picked up a packet of chilli and lime sweet potato sticks – they were so good! Tangy and just the right combination of soft and crunchy – a definite win, we will be having them again.


Today I ate/drink

  • Tea with soy milk
  • Avocado on toast with lemon pepper, chilli flakes, salt and pepper, and a thinly sliced raw mushroom on top
  • A forbidden yuzu gummy!!!
  • Fizzy squash
  • Coke zero
  • Edamame and butternut squash onigiri
  • Tofu curry and noodles
  • No doriyaki…
  • Sweet potato crisps


Today’s cravings

  • Chicken breast fillet
  • Cheese stick
  • Katsu chicken
  • Doriyaki


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