Day 2 : Breakfast Of Champions

I’m a big breakfast fan…truly the best meal of the day in all its forms. However on Planet Vegan it can be an affair lacking in spontaneity and variety…I mean of course preparing overnight soaked oats with fruit or juggling avocados and things that need peeling chopping or transforming before the first drop of coffee has passed your lips – so for the days where time is short and inspiration moreso, I’ve a stash of peeled bananas in the freezer which can be grabbed and gnawed through whilst the life giving caffeine does it’s work (dont even start on if coffee is vegan…)…plus they work very well if you thaw em and use as a base for banana pancakes too…can I have another cup of coffee please???

This mornings craving though when I opened my eyes was a stack of lovely hot buttered toast…however that’s gone away now at least…and been replaced with creative thoughts about tonight’s dinner & the ongoing wail of despair that Haribo isn’t vegan…bah…

…now, about that coffee….

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