Frustration shared is frustration doubled!…

Here is a FB post from my pal Mill, who is also doing Veganuary and has stumbled upon the annoying, misleading and sometimes downright inaccurate food labels…read on!…

Day 1 of Veganuary. (NB Small rant below, but stick with it)

Ate nice food, nothing groundbreaking, but nice. I was veggie for four years before, I have no problem cutting out meat. I’ve been using soya milk for a few weeks now anyway so no change there. I only really eat eggs if they’re ingredients in something else.


Today I went to Asda and got utterly confused by their labelling system. They label their own brand goods as Vegetarian or Vegan. Fine. Great. Except when you read the ingredients list of something labelled as Vegetarian and discover nothing non-vegan in the ingredients list. So why is it not labelled as Vegan?! Even things that are labelled as vegan sometimes still say ‘may contain dairy’ and some things not labelled as vegan don’t say ‘may contain dairy’ (or whatever other non-vegan allergen).

Why are Blueberry Wheats labelled as Vegan, but Raspberry Wheats and Apricot Wheats only labelled as Vegetarian?!

So what do you believe? The Vegetarian/Vegan labelling? The ingredients list? The ‘May contain’ warnings?!

It’s just… like… it shouldn’t be this hard…?! Veganism has taken off so much in the last couple of years, it’s becoming more mainstream and yet it’s being totally left behind at the same time? Its popularity is moving faster than is being kept up with…

Imagine if everyone suddenly wanted to fly to Egypt and loads of flights were going there, but only like 0.01% of them were being advertised as going there unless you looked *really* hard and even then it wasn’t quite clear and you might end up somewhere else?!

Who wants to start a petition with me for supermarkets and food manufacturers to be clearer and more consistent in their labelling?!

One day of being a vegan and I’m already a militant campaigner. If you need me, I’ll be chained to this tree, aligning my chakras.”

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