Happy new year, Dhalings!

Hello blog – we’re back! Our last month of vegan-ing seems only a short time ago, but we’re really excited to be back in Veganuary – partly because it will be a welcome relief after the excess of Christmas, and partly because we’ve got so many ideas about things we want to make and do this month. Top of our list are:

  • Play with aquafaba
  • Make more chilli jam (this time with green chillis!)
  • Salt-baked beetroots
  • Simon’s special tapenade
  • Have another go at sun (oven)-dried tomatoes
  • Vegan lemon curd
  • Lime marmalade

This is my third, and Si’s fourth vegan month, so to keep things interesting we’re adding an extra layer of challenge. For our middle two weeks we have treated ourselves to two Abel and Cole veg boxes, which we will use to improvise lots of healthy home-made meals – it’ll be fun to have to make do with what turns up, and hopefully cheaper too, as last time round we were basically buying a basketful of ingredients for every meal!

As for this week, we’re lucky enough to live a couple of minutes’ walk from a market that dose a pound a bowl for fruit and veg – so we’re going to head over there and buy 6 or 7 bowls of whatever we fancy, and will then mealplan based on what we bring home. We’re also going to allow ourselves 3 or so pounds to top up store cupboard essentials like chickpeas and lentils. It should be fun – we’ll keep you posted on how we get on!


This month is, of course, also Dry January – and to be honest right now that comes as both a relief and a concept of no difficulty whatsoever, as we both (OK, particularly me) overdid things rather on NYE, and I have been hanging like a Christmas tree bauble all day. Right now I don’t care if I ever drink again!

As a result, I’ve not been very healthy in my food choices, but they have still been staunchly vegan (see below). This evening though Si took things up a notch by cooking us a hearty, salty, super unxious dhal full of lentils and chickpeas and paired with home-made chapattis. ‘I wish I could just climb inside this,’ Si said… it was certainly very comforting, just what the doctor ordered!

Things are off to a fun and familiar start – I think this month is going to be grand. I just need to do my usual first week mental adjustment – it’s amazing the almost Pavlovian way your hungover brain craves bacon, fried food, and McDonalds breakfasts! Give it a few days and I’ll stop having to tell myself ‘no, you can’t have that’ though 🙂


Today I ate/drank:

  • A few sips of tea with almond milk
  • Bottle of coke and bag of plain pop chips
  • A few bites of Simon’s olive tapenade, sundried tomato, and avocado baguette
  • Mug of hot marmite and gravy
  • Fizzy squash (lots!)
  • Dhal with chickpeas, roasted cauliflower, and chapattis

Today’s cravings:

  • McDonalds chicken nuggets
  • McDonalds breakfast wrap


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