Day 2: Elusive markets and disappearing sauce

So today we failed for the second time to get our selection of pound bowls from the market – I am reliably informed that it will be open tomorrow though, so maybe third time lucky!

While out at the shops we did manage to pick up a pack of Alpro hazelnut and chocolate ‘yoghurts’, as well as a packet of the Iceland ‘Chickn’ strips that we enjoyed so much last time round – very excited to see what we make with them! Stir fry? Noodle soup? Chickn and mushroom pie? Watch this space.

It was a working from home day today, so having failed at market I had a good forage in the cupboards/fridge to make lunch. Just a quick meal – baked (microwaved) potato… scraped out the middle and mashed it… stuffed the skins with mushrooms fried with garlic and chilli… served with peas and sweetcorn. Nom.20190102_180300.jpg

Dinner came courtesy of Si – it was a cauliflower ‘cheese’ bake involving chickpea flour, water, nutritional yeast, and wholegrain mustard to create a convincingly tangy, cheesy sauce. This went into the oven with big pasta tubes and the leftover cauliflower from yesterday’s dhal, topped with breadcrumbs (a slice of toast blitzed with fresh basil and a little oil from a jar of sundried tomatoes).

It was definitely tasty, with a lovely crispy crunchy top, though weirdly the sauce was all absorbed into the pasta when it baked, so not so creamy! That said, the luscious alpro pudding that we had for afters more than balanced things in that respect – it wasn’t quite as rich and hazelnut/nutella-y as I’d hoped, but it was definitely tasty.


The trouble is, though, that by half 10 we’re both hungry again – and came to the sad realisation that we don’t have any vegan-friendly snacky bits in the flat. Reduced to the sad state of debating whether or not to eat the leftovers we had saved for lunch, or whether we should share the last slice of bread, we’re retiring to bed. More planning required in future!

Random veganuary observation of the day, by the way – I’m not getting on with almond milk as I usually do – this sounds weird, but my cups of tea have a distinctly harsher mouthfeel. It’s almost like the almond milk isn’t mixing as well – Si bought our current pack, I’ll have to see if it’s a different brand. But as soon as it’s done, I’m off to track down my beloved cashew milk!


Today I ate/drank

  • Tea with almond milk
  • Fizzy squash
  • Jacket potato with garlic mushrooms, peas and sweetcorn
  • Cauliflower ‘cheese’ pasta bake
  • Alpro chocolate and hazelnut dessert

Today’s cravings

  • Strong cheddar cheese
  • Milk chocolate
  • Terry’s Chocolate Orange

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