Day 31: The end!

And now… the end is near… and so we face the final curtain…

How is it 31 January already? This last month has absolutely shot by, we’ve been having so much fun. It really is very satisfying how easy and ‘normal’ veganing feels these days.

That said, today hasn’t really gone out with a huge flourish – I failed to have lunch at all, as work was too full-on.. instead I was reduced to picking out the non-vegan bits of three Graze boxes and eating the rest, not so creative!


Dinner was a bit healthier, mind… very homely and simple, but very tasty, which I think is a fitting end to Veganuary given what we’ve been saying about just ‘living’, rather than having to put much effort into it. Using up some more of our market veg, Si made a lovely rich and spicy tomato sauce from onion, garlic, lots of cherry tomatoes, carrot, and half a dried chilli, which he used to make us pasta arrabbiata. Some added peas for green goodness/extra texture, and we were away!

On the side, we each had four doughballs – these were made from the last of the dough that Si had made for the bread rolls that went with our sweetcorn soup, which he’d frozen – drizzled in chilli and garlic oil. It was really warming and delicious – and, given that it has just started snowing outside, much needed too!


To finish, Si and I shared the last of the dairy-free Ben & Jerry’s – half a mini tub of lovely banana-y ‘Chunky Monkey’ each, full of ‘chocolate’ chips and walnut pieces, together with one of the last two vegan cookies. What a beautiful way to end the month!

Today I ate/drank:


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