Day 29: Mix and match

Well, we’re feeling super-frugal and please with ourselves this week because we’ve managed to meal-plan the remainder of Veganuary without needing to go to the market or buy any extra food. We still have plenty of veg in the fridge (I swear those beetroot are multiplying – they never seem to get used up!) and tonight we wanted something with a bit of freshness – not quite a salad, heartier than that, but with that kind of crisp, wholesome feeling.

To that end, lunch was an exercise in economy so as not to use up anything that we would need – I ended up making soup out of the broccoli stem and the cauliflower stalk, which were really delicious once you’d boiled them tender and blended them up with garlic, onion, lemon pepper and vegetable stock! I had them with a couple of the vegan sausage rolls I made yesterday, and it was a tasty, filling meal that felt really healthy (and I was very pleased to use up the leftover scraps of veg!). I think some five-spice or similar has got into the lemon pepper, though – the soup was absolutely delicious, but it tasted ‘Chinese’ in a way that I can’t fully explain. I couldn’t tell you which Chinese dish it tasted like, but with every mouthful that’s what my brain was shouting at me (delightedly, I might add). Hey ho, the mystery continues!


Dinner involved a lot of veg, plus some pulses that we needed to finish off; we mixed brown and white rice with a tin of chickpeas (which had provided the aquafaba for Simon’s yorkies on Sunday) that we cooked in a bit of curry powder, plus the remaining lentils that hadn’t gone into the sausage rolls. Thrown in with this were peas, grated raw turnip (really crisp and peppery, like a slightly bitter radish – surprisingly good!), olives, artichokes, pomegranate seeds, sultanas, and some smashed peanuts. Topped with a dressing whisked together from lime juice, mango chutney, and tabasco, and scattered with cauliflower roasted to golden tenderness in the oven, it was insanely good – a wonderful mixture of sweet/salty/bitter/sharp flavours, and so many different textures.


For dessert, another stroke of use-up genius from Si: he sandwiched together some of my remaining vegan cookies with the last of the peanut butter ‘icecream’ (mixed with a little actual peanut butter to make the flavour more peanutty) – they were beautiful, I could have eaten twice as many!

It’s weird to think that we’re fast approaching February, it’s been a really fun few weeks. Still, two more days to go!



Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with soya milk
  • Cauliflower and broccoli soup, two vegan sausage rolls
  • Fizzy squash
  • Handful of peanuts
  • Mix-and-match rice salad
  • Peanut butter icecream sandwiches

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