Day 27: Who needs meat?

It’s Sunday, which means there’s no better time to have a roast dinner! But no need for lamb, chicken, pork, or beef here… or indeed any vegan meat substitute either. This was to be a feast of just the veggie sides that you’d have with your Sunday dinner. I’m talking roast potatoes, peas and sweetcorn, parsnips, swede and turnip mash, and a vegan take on cauliflower cheese… plus more fun with aquafaba – can you make yorkshire puddings without eggs?

Turns out the answer to that last question is yes… kind of. Si made a batter from whipped aquafaba, chickpea flour, plain flour, a splash of vinegar, bicarb of soda, and some water and it looked pretty good, if a bit thinner than usual. Our first attempt at yorkies didn’t work that well, though – the puddings rose immediately but then fell flat and greasy, like undercooked onion ring coating. Undeterred, Si added more flour and we tried again with a thicker batter – this time they cooked fine, though the resulting puddings were much more dense than usual. Drowned in gravy, though, they were absolutely delicious!

We had our roast at 3, and it was fab – a real vegetable feast. We didn’t miss the meat at all, and more importantly it kept us full right the way into the evening (until I nicked one of the leftover roasties from the fridge before bed!). A perfect way to round off a Sunday.


Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with soya milk
  • Mushrooms with chilli and garlic, and leftover Alfredo sauce, on toast, scattered with parsley
  • Cheese and onion crisps
  • Fizzy squash
  • Roast potatoes, aquafaba yorkshire puddings, peas and sweetcorn, parsnips, cauliflower cheese, swede and turnip mash
  • Another roast potato snaffled from the fridge…

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