Day 24: Going nuts

Well so much for being healthy during Veganuary – I’m ruined, I tell you! One of the really handy things about being on more of a restricted diet is that it keeps my paws out of the office biscuit jar pretty effortlessly – and now my colleague Emma has come back from holiday in America armed with an enormous bag of something called Nutter Butters – and my goodness, they are lethally good! They’re these gorgeous little nuggets of peanut butter (beautifully salty) sandwiched between peanut-flavoured biscuits that just happen to be vegan – I think I must have eaten 8 or 9…

Lunch was more of yesterday’s sweetcorn soup, though because of work interruptions I had to re-microwave it halfway through… and funnily enough, today has been a ‘twice-cooked’ kind of a day, as when I got home dinner involved twice-baked potatoes.


Now, when Si said he was doing baked potatoes for dinner, I had in mind something homely and comforting but very simple… I should know Si better, though! When I got home, he had scraped out the potatoes and mixed them with lots of shredded vegetables and a bit of dijon mustard before putting them back together and baking them again – but he didn’t stop there. On the side we also had some cherry tomatoes cooked in balsamic vinegar, another of Si’s favourite salt-baked beetroots; cauliflower cooked in agave and chipotle sauce; and fritters made from mushrooms, sweetcorn, and grated carrot. It was a real feast of flavours – the sweet and smoky cauliflower in particular was a real treat. Who knew a humble potato could make for such a tasty meal?

Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with soya milk
  • Peanut nutter butters (ok, just one more…)
  • Water
  • Sweetcorn and chilli soupĀ 
  • Coffee beans
  • Fizzy water
  • Double baked potatoes With veg and mustard; balsamic tomatoes; mushroom, grated carrot and sweetcorn fritters; saltbaked beetroot; agave and chipotle chilli sauce cauliflower
  • Another coffee bean

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