Day 23: Souper trouper

So, today I’ve kind of accidentally had soup for every meal. But hey, it’s freezing outside! And on a wintry day this kind of food is like a hug in a mug (or a soulful bowlful?).

Lunch was the last of the broccoli and cabbage soup (pepped up with a good grind of pepper and salt, and some lovely crunchy savoury notes from a punnet of Graze ‘Smokehouse BBQ crunch‘), but for dinner I wanted to try something new. My turn to cook, and I was inspired by this recipe for spicy sweetcorn soup (without the pancetta, of course!).

To start, the usual routine: finely chop two onions, and gently fry them in some oil and vegan spread. Once they were beginning to soften I crushed in about 6 cloves of garlic, and once everything was good and fragrant, I snipped in a dried chilli and gave the pan a good stir. After that, a few cycles of letting the onions cook down and just start to catch on the pan – add a splash of water – let this cook away – add a splash more – etc.


Then into the pan went two small potatoes cut into little chunks, half a bag of frozen sweetcorn (about 500g), a pint of vegetable stock, and a bit more hot water. Salt, pepper, then bring to the boil and reduce to simmer for about 20 minutes (basically until the potato was soft). Then into the blender with it!

When the soup was good and smooth, I poured it back into the pan and heated it through with a swirl of oat ‘cream’. Then ladled it into bowls and served with two lovely crisp, doughy bread rolls that Si had made. It tasted great! Really creamy and savoury (this time I got the seasoning right, yay!) with a nice heat from the chilli but not too much.

To finish, Si had brought us some peanut butter  Halo Top coconut milk icecream – it was peanutty and had nice swirls of smooth peanut butter through it, but unlike the glory that is Booja-Booja icecream, in this case you could tell it was dairy-free. The texture wasn’t creamy – in fact, it was kind of gritty – and the flavour was too mild, I would have loved a bit of salt to give it more of a kick.

But never mind – I wasn’t disappointed of a post-dinner treat, because lovely Si had heard me when I said I was craving chocolate covered coffee beans yesterday – when I got home, he presented me with a little pack of them, coated in vegan-friendly dark chocolate. My hero!


Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with soya milk
  • Broccoli and cabbage soup, with Graze ‘Smokehouse BBQ crunch
  • Lots of water
  • Graze ‘Vitamin E defence
  • Slice of bread
  • Hot marmite with gravy granules
  • Spicy sweetcorn soup with home-made bread roll
  • Fizzy water
  • ‘Halo top’ dairy free peanut butter icecream
  • Dark chocolate-coated coffee beans





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