Day 22: Baby it’s cold outside

It’s snowing! Boy oh boy it’s finally snowing and it is snowing hard. Big fluffy flakes that look very pretty in the sky but make you very wet very quickly when they land on you. So, as I sat on the tube home, dripping onto my laptop, cold and ravenously hungry, all I could think of was the meal that Si was making for us. In weather like this, you need comfort food.

Si had been out to the market again, to pick up some more pound-bowl veg to fill our fridge, and top of the menu of things to make was cauliflower tikka masala. Tonight’s dinner was inspired by this recipe from fullofplants, though Si also added some cubes of tofu, crisped in a dry frying pan, as we had some left over from the other week’s cauli & lentil curry and garden gyoza that we needed to use up.

He fried some onions and garlic, then added cumin, garam masala, turmeric, chilli, fenugreek, and ginger. Into the pressure cooker it went, together with a tin of tomatoes, the tofu, and the cauliflower. Right at the end Si added some soya cream, lime juice, and coriander. On the side, he toasted some rice in a little vegan spread before cooking it through and heaping everything together.


As I crashed through the flat door, having  been snowed on walking both to AND from the tube, the warm curry smell wrapped around me like a comforting blanket. This was exactly what I needed, I knew.

The result was thick and richly spiced, though a bit softer in texture than I was expecting – there weren’t any recognisable florets of cauliflower and Si admitted he’d misread the recipe and left the pressure cooker going for 10 minutes instead of the 2 recommended – but you know what, it was absolutely delicious. The dense, creamy sauce made me think of when you have a curry and, towards the end of the meal when you’ve eaten all the meat or other bits from it, there’s just a rich sauce left that you can mix into the end of your rice – wonderfully warming. The tofu had an almost paneer-like texture in amongst it, and the rice was buttery and fat – this was a perfect meal for when the weather outside is frightful.

There was one more treat to come, though; to accompany our last Alpro chocolate puddings, Si mixed together some flour, self-raising flour, sugar, vegan spread, lime zest, and cardamom seeds to make a batch of beautiful biscuits. They were soft and chewy with lovely crunchy edges, and the flavours of lime and cardamom really zinged. I’m definitely feeling better… snoozy, though…


Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with soya milk
  • Broccoli and cabbage soup
  • Graze ‘Peanut Butter Dippers’
  • Cauliflower and tofu tikka masala with rice
  • Fizzy water (no squash left, booo)
  • Alpro ‘chocolate’ pudding with lime and coriander biscuits


Today’s cravings

  • All the cheese (the office was talking about fondue
  • Chocolate covered coffee beans

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