Day 19: Cooking with children

This weekend we have two extra helpers on hand in the kitchen: Si’s kids are staying. We were out for much of the day, taking them to the panto – but when we got home we¬† set them to work helping us make pizza for dinner.

They were great – one got really stuck into making a really healthy ‘tomato’ sauce (which also included beetroot, red pepper, and pumpkin), while the other was in charge of rolling out the dough that we’d set up in the breadmaker. Before long we had a lovely cheese and tomato pizza for them to enjoy (real mozzarella – they weren’t ready to to embrace the vegan vibe entirely), while Si and I tucked into leftover pizza from yesterday’s trip to Purezza. Man, it was good to taste that wonderful cauliflower cream again – nom!

That’s not to say that today was a complete success, though – we also tried to make some chips for the kids to have with their pizza, and they had a lot of fun mandolining the potato (very carefully!) but our oven was misbehaving and refusing to get up to temperature, so we struggled to get them to cook. No matter, there was plenty of pizza to go round – but we’ll repeat the experiment later to see if we can get it to work.

There will be more experiments tomorrow – watch this space!


Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with soya milk
  • Peanut butter/marmite toast
  • Fizzy squash
  • Lentil crisps
  • Leftover vegan pizza

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