Day 16: Wooooah, we’re halfway there…

‘Ooh, baked beans!’ I cried as Si presented me with a bowl of bright orange. I was only teasing, though – I knew full well that what we were having for dinner was carrot, beetroot, and potato risotto. And it smelled goooood!

I’d actually been in the kitchen while Si was cooking, so let me give you the lowdown on how it came together. First, Si cut a potato, a carrot, and a beetroot into cubes (tiny tiny carrot cubes, potato and beetroot maybe 1cm square), and finely chopped an onion. Into our biggest pan went the onion and the carrots to cook down just a little bit in a splash of olive oil. When they were gently sweated but not browned, Si added three crushed cloves of garlic and around 200g of risotto rice to toast a little, before sloshing in some white wine vinegar.

My contribution: I made a litre of vegetable stock which Si added little by little as it was absorbed to make a beautiful juicy risotto. Half the potato and beetroot went in at the halfway point, and the rest went in just before the end (stirred through with some chopped coriander and a squeeze of lime), so that they kept a little bit more bite.


The result was thick and almost creamy in texture thanks to the potato that had begun to break down, but the beetroot and carrot still had a nice yielding firmness – it certainly wasn’t too soft or gloopy. Very tasty indeed – nice one, Si. And of course we topped things off by finishing off the last of the carrot cake for afters…

Cake aside, as we reflect on the past 16 days (can you believe that we’re already halfway through Veganuary?) we’re really please with how healthy our eating has generally been. And it’s not taken too much effort either – we’re definitely keen to continue with our veg bowl meal-planning, through Veganuary and beyond (I have asked Si to print off some planning sheets to that end – love a list!). We’ve also enjoyed being imaginative and not falling back on any of the quick-fixes we relied on in previous months – so far we’ve not cooked using pasta, or cheese replacements, and have only used fake meat twice (in our broccoli stir fry and yesterday’s pie)… and I don’t think we’ve opened a tin of tomatoes yet either! (that latter one probably won’t last) – let’s see if we can continue being creative in the next two weeks.

That said, while our meals have been remarkably cost-effective, tomorrow I’m due to blow about £24 getting our soda stream canisters topped up… because we’re not drinking wine in the evenings, it’s really been taking a hammering this month! Ah well, it’s all good for us… and it’ll be worth it when I can have my beloved fizzy squash again 🙂

Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with hazelnut milk
  • The last of the ‘variety soup’ and a piece of chikn and mushroom pie
  • Squash (not fizzy, the soda stream is out of gas, boo)
  • Handful of peanuts
  • Half a bag of quinoa crisps (apparently sundried tomato and garlic flavour… more pizza flavour)
  • Pepsi Max
  • Potato and beetroot risotto
  • The last of the carrot cake (sob – why did Si let me take a quarter of it to work??)


Today’s cravings:

  • Feta cheese
  • Grilled cheese

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