Day 9: An Abel and Cole cornucopia

Well, I was going to start this blog by writing about the amazing organic veg boxes that landed on our doorstep this morning, but we need to interrupt this programme for some game-changing breaking news: VEGAN MAGNUMS ARE A THING!!

Simon arrived home from work bearing a box of these wondrous things, which we’ve been eagerly anticipating ever since. We’ve just had one each for dessert this evening, and they’re little short of miraculous – crisp dark chocolate and soft, almost butterscotchy vanilla icecream – in a blind taste test there is no way that you’d have any reason to think they were vegan. Fabulous.

On a healthier note, this morning was also the day that our Abel and Cole box arrived – or, to be precise, our two boxes. We’d seen an advert on the tube offering £15 off if you spent £30 in your first purchase, so as soon as we got home we ordered two medium veg boxes at £16.50 each. The boxes had already been delivered by the time Si left for work at half 7, so I got to unpack them and explore what we’d been sent as my first job of the day.

I was really impressed by how much veg was in each box, and it was all really good quality. Organic too, no less… I’ll be interested to see if you can taste the difference. All together we are now the proud owners of 13 red potatoes, 8 onions, 7 beetroot, 4 bunches of cavolo nero, 2 boxes of mushrooms, 2 bags of carrots, and 2 red peppers. It’s all wonderfully colourful and wholesome-looking – though I needed to use level 10 Fridge Tetris to put it all away!


Lunch aimed to use up some of the market bowl veg before it turned, and to make the most of having different ingredients: cauliflower and potato soup. I had meant to use this recipe – except I forgot to add the rosemary, which is annoying as we have some that needs using up. Boo and hiss. But otherwise it was warming, comfortingly thick (Si says too thick, but I disagree – tis like a hug in a bowl!) and really tasty.

20190109_142603.jpgQuick and easy recipe: chop and gently fry half an onion, add a lot of crushed garlic after a few minutes. Make some stock, add a bit and give it a good stir, then add the rest with some small bits of cauliflower and diced potato. Bring to the boil, then reduce the heat and simmer for about 20 mins until the veg is soft. Finally, have at it with your trusty stick blender (I took out a few bits of cauli and spud first, to add them back in at the end as I like my soup to have a few bits in it – otherwise it’s a bit too much like baby food) until it’s nice and smooth and thickened. We’re all out of bread but it really didn’t need any – it was a filling meal all by itself. Hearty stuff!

Dinner was much lighter, though not light on veg – in an effort to use up some more of the market veg before it turned, Si made us some ‘garden gyoza’, filled with all the colours and all the goodness and served on a bed of two kinds of cabbage. The ‘skins’ were a very simple dough, made from just flour and boiling water – but by contrast they were filled with a veritable vegetable feast. Si had diced tiny (tiny tiny tiny) pieces of carrot, pumpkin, spring onion, red and yellow peppers, cabbage, mushrooms, and the last of the tofu from Monday’s curry, plus some finely chopped coriander.

He mixed these with soy sauce and pinch of 5 spice and pepper, then softened the veg in the microwave before assembling the gyoza. These were cooked in a (very very very) hot pan with just a tiny amount of oil until they caught on the bottom (they’re not called ‘pot stickers’ for no reason!), whereupon you chuck in some veg stock and hiss, sizzle, they come away from the bottom of the pan and cook and smell wonderful.

At the last moment Si drizzled in some maple syrup and soy sauce which instantly reduced to a thick glaze, and then he laid seven gyoza for each of us on a lovely juicy layer of white cabbage and cavolo nero, shredded and braised in vegetable stock and white wine vinegar. They were fantastic! Really light and tender, and the soft vegetable flavours worked beautifully with the sharply vinegary cabbage. We’ve got another batch each packed up for dinner tomorrow – I’m really looking forward to it. Best of all, they feel really healthy… so of course we crowned our virtuous state by cracking open the vegan magnums!



Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with almond milk
  • Potato and cauliflower soup
  • Bag of crisps on the tube
  • ‘Garden gyoza’ with braised cabbage
  • Vegan magnum!
  • Fizzy squash (I bought some more, yay 🙂 )

Today’s cravings:

  • Sushi

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