Day 24: One week to go!

It’s amazing to think that we’re nearly at the end of our vegan adventures for Septofu – time really has flown.

Today I was making dinner for one, as Jones was out at a work do – so I decided to get some greens down me, and use up a bit of the cabbage that has been in the fridge since our vegan roast dinner last week. On the menu tonight: pasta with sauteed cabbage and brussel sprouts, mushrooms and toasted nuts. It was adapted from this recipe, though I veganised it and couldn’t find any hazelnuts so swapped in cashews.

wp-1537994299481.jpgI love sauteed sprouts. Love love love them – they are one of my favourite things to make at Christmas – and the way I like to do them is shredded finely and cooked in butter (well, vegan spread!) with black pepper, salt, crushed garlic, and lots of rosemary. I also sauteed some torn cabbage in another pan till it was sticky and browned and just starting to catch on the bottom of the pan before putting it aside and cooking some mushrooms till they were soft and dark. Pop on some pasta at the same time and it all finishes at around the same time – in the last couple of minutes of cooking I toasted the cashews in another small pan. I possibly could have reduced the washing up, given the simplicity of the dish, but I’ve got a night in by myself so don’t mind having stuff to do!

wp-1537994290790.jpgThrown together in a dish, it was a wonderful mix of nutty, buttery, herby flavours and soft/crunchy textures. Great stuff. For dessert I treated myself to another lovely Alpro yoghurt – this time a dark chocolate flavoured one. They are so silky, you’d never know they didn’t contain dairy!


Today I ate/drank:

  • Many cups of tea with almond milk
  • Leftover lentil and mushroom pie, with onion gravy
  • Orange squash
  • Handful of peanuts
  • Sundried tomato and a bit of artichoke, raw mushroom
  • Piece of bread with mango chutney and chilli jam
  • Another piece of bread
  • Pasta with cabbage, sprouts, mushrooms, and cashew nuts
  • ‘Dark chocolate’ Alpro yoghurt
  • Two pieces of bread and vegan spread 

Today’s cravings:

  • Strong cheddar
  • Bacon lardons (for the pasta)
  • Feta

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