Day 18: Reflections

I am Still. So. Itchy. Honestly, I think it’s getting worse. I don’t know what I’m reacting to, but I’ve got even more red bumps and they itch like billy-o! If it’s something I’ve eaten I’m absolutely mystified as to what it is, but it’s pretty miserable.

But enough moaning… nearly three weeks in, how is Septofu going? In one respect, I’m finding this much more straightforward than Veganuary – as I said before, it all feels very low-key; we’re not having to try so hard to make it interesting, we’re just living. I also feel much more confident about knowing what we can and can’t eat. But weirdly, I’m struggling more with cravings at this stage of the game than I did last year – in particular, I often find myself missing meat. Mainly chicken, and mini sausages/sausage rolls – whenever I go into a shop to get food, I think about these. I wonder why? I don’t think it’s a willpower thing… I wonder if I’m not getting enough protein or enough iron this time round? Though I’m eating chickpeas a-plenty… I’ll have to have a look at my next few meals and make sure I’m getting the balance right.

We’re also not doing quite so well at the teetotal thing this time round – we have lapsed a few times, allowing ourselves the odd drink if we’ve had a bad day at work (today was a case in point) whereas we were much stricter in January. Perhaps the fact that we allowed ourselves a few pre-agreed days off (our weekend in Brighton, and Si’s beer festival, for example) has made it easier to slip – next time we do this, maybe I’ll need to go ‘all or nothing’ again, I clearly don’t have as much willpower as I thought!

And what of today? Lunch was easy enough – I went to M&S, and although I was very tempted by meaty snacks, I found two nommy vegan salads to mix together. One was my beloved minty potato and pea salad, and the other was a ‘Mexican rice’ pot, which had diced red peppers and avocado and sweetcorn in it, as well as a super smoky chipotle dressing. Very tasty – though not quite as filling as I hoped – once again I found myself nomming hula hoops on the train.

Back home, Si was cooking dinner – some Indian spiced cauliflower burgers, which he served with chips and (as there weren’t many chips left), a hash brown and a half each. While we waited for the food to cook, we ate the last slivers of yesterday’s ‘country roast’, and it’s even nicer cold. Lovely chewy texture, and all kinds of beautiful savoury and sweetly basil flavours.

The burgers themselves were fine – certainly Indian spiced, though the overwhelming taste was of cumin – not very complex. They were very much needed and appreciated, though!


Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with almond milk
  • Minted potato salad with peas, Mexican rice.
  • Hula hoops on train
  • Leftover vegan ‘country roast
  • Indian spiced cauliflower burgers with chips and a hash brown and a half
  • Too much white wine

Today’s cravings:

  • Mini sausages
  • Chicken
  • Sausage roll


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