Day 17:Itchy vegan!

Well it’s all gone a bit wrong. On Monday I noticed a few itchy bumps on my arm, but thought I’d been bitten by the same mosquito that has had a good chew on Simon. Yesterday they were worse – and today they are everywhere! Red super-itchy bumps dotted about on my hands, fingers, arms, legs, back, shoulders – they really are maddeningly itchy.

Si thinks it could be some kind of allergic reaction – which makes me wonder: what could it be? It’s possible that I was exposed to something new while in Brighton – if so, the most likely culprit is soya milk, as I’d not really had that much before and consumed it in quantities during our visit (in tea, porridge, icecream) – but I do hope it’s not vegan noms that is causing this, that would be very unfair. And soya milk is yummy.

It’s also possible that this is some kind of contact allergy though – my mattress topper is ripped, so maybe I’m reacting to the fluff? Either way, I hope it calms down soon because it is SO ITCHY!


Today I was in the office (concentrating SO hard on not scratching at my desk), and I hadn’t made any lunch so I set out to explore some of M&S’ salad offerings. I’ve found a combo that I really really like – the super salad I had before, with quinoa and broccoli and a spinach hummus, but also a little tub of new potatoes in a minty dressing with lots of smashed peas. They’re fab!

Not hugely filling, though, alas, so I nommed a crafty bag of hula hoops on my way to meet Si for some pre-theatre food. It’s still a wee bit tricky being vegan on the hoof in some parts of town, and I didn’t fancy a supermarket sandwich, but we struck gold in Wasabi. Si had a vegan-friendly veggie sushi set, and I had a really delicious soup called ‘soumen’ – it had thin noodles and lovely silky tofu, with a load of different vegetables including carrot, broccoli, seaweed, mangetout, spring onion, fried shallot, and chilli – and I topped it with some bonus pickled ginger. Really really nice.

wp-1537824471571.jpgFor pudding we shared a little rice cake called a mochi – it was green and dusted with sugar, and contained red bean paste. We both agreed that it is one of the strangest things we have ever eaten – the flavour is fine, it’s just generic ‘sweet’ – but the mouthfeel is bizarre, it just doesn’t feel like food! More like eating clay or playdough – not actively unpleasant, but very odd indeed. Hey ho – this month is really proving to be a voyage of discovery!

Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with almond milk
  • Minted potato and pea salad, super salad with quinoa, broccoli, and spinach hummus
  • Hula hoops on train
  • Coke zero
  • Wasabi noodle soup with extra pickled ginger
  • Red bean mochi
  • Two small glasses of wine

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