Day 15: Noms on the run

Today has been a work and choir kind of a day, so very little in the way of self-catering (though I didn’t resort to MacDonalds chips like last week!). I made some tasty new discoveries though – lunch was an M&S trip, but rather than the salad that I had intended, I stumbled on a ‘mushroom and soya ragu’.

The downside: there’s not enough of it – only a tiny portion of pasta at the bottom – but the upside is that you mainly feel the lack of quantity because it is BEAUTIFUL – the flavours are great and the ‘ragu’ is really thick and chunky and meaty – very mincelike in texture. I’ll definitely be having this again. It also has a few spinach leaves in it which go beautifully silky when you heat the meal through, and is topped with some nice chewy roasted mushrooms. Nom.


Dinner was also an on-the-go meal, so I treated myself to a vegan burrito at Tortilla – not cheap, but tasty and filling. In the wrap were beans (medium spice), brown rice, mushrooms, fried onions, medium salsa, mushrooms, and slices of pickled onion, plus slaw. It was pretty nommy, though wet and a bit awkward to eat. Still, it filled a gap!


Post-choir, I returned home to find Si had made a batch of falafel for tomorrow’s lunch. I may have eaten one tonight, just to try it… it had herbs and chilli and all sorts in it – quite fiery but very tasty indeed! I’ll look forward to having more of them with pitta bread tomorrow.

Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with almond milk
  • Lots of water
  • Mushroom and soya ragu
  • Vegan burrito
  • Handful of peanuts
  • Orange squash
  • One falafel

Today’s cravings:

  • Most of M&S – cheese, sushi, mini sausages, ham. Oh well!

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