Day nine: The most virtuous burger ever

A speedy dinner requires fast food! We were off to rehearsal again tonight, and it’s been a busy old day moving loads of Si’s clothes over to my flat  (the move begins, yippee!) so not much time for cooking.

Time to bring out the burgers! Si cooked the ‘No Bull’ burgers that I found in Iceland the other day, served simply in a gluten free bun with oven chips on the side. No meat, no dairy, no gluten… could you have a more virtuous burger?

These patties are famed for being particularly meat-like, so we were both interested to see how they would turn out. They certainly lived up to their reputation – cue shouts from the kitchen, uttered by a startled Si who said that the burgers were ‘bleeding’. Apparently they were giving out a reddish liquid, though less alarmingly this tasted like a thick vegetable stock.

Sitting in their bun, the burgers hadn’t gone brown like their beef equivalent  – rather, they were a kind of paprika-y orange – but they smelled great and looked very appealing. As for the taste: surprisingly close to a beef burger! The texture wasn’t quite right – a bit softer than a meat patty, more akin to a veggie sausage – but you know what, blindfolded I’m not sure I would have put money on them not being meat. I don’t know what the No Bull team have done, but the results are great.

The rest of the day has been pretty busy, so it’s been kind of grab-what-you-can… I bought us a packet of vegan chocolate buttons each (one of the first things we ate in Veganuary) as packing fuel, and lunch was leftover mushroom stroganoff. Tomorrow we are in, though, so we can be a bit more creative (though lunch is likely to be leftover tagine, now with added harissa) – Si has said something about ‘vegan haggis-stuffed cabbage leaves’. I’m intrigued…

As a post-script, we are now the proud owners of a fruitcake, which we won in a raffle during rehearsal teabreak! We can’t eat it now, of course, but it’s waiting for us in the freezer – what a treat that will be come our return to omnivory!

We’re just at home now, enjoying a simple supper of a slice of vegan cheese (Violife ‘cheddar’ – smells and tastes just like edam! My first taste of cheese in 9 days too… nom…) and a glass of chocolate oat milk. This is a new one for us, and it’s seriously yummy! Unlike January’s homemade version which, though delicious, was a bit grainy in texture, this one is perfectly smooth. I was slightly concerned by the smell, which was mostly Nesquik-y but had a slightly bitter note (how would it measure up to our beloved chocolate almond milk?), but I needn’t have worried! The taste is gorgeous – superficially like Nesquik, but with a rich malty flavour, and notes of vanilla, like it has had marshmallows melted into it. You can read our review of all the vegan ‘milks’ that we have tried so far here, but I think we have a new favourite…

Today I ate/drank:

  • Tea with cashew milk
  • Vegan chocolate buttons
  • Coke Zero
  • Leftover mushroom stroganoff
  • Tea with almond milk
  • ‘No bull’ burger and chips
  • Orange squash
  • More Coke Zero
  • Chocolate oat milk
  • A slice of vegan cheese

Today’s cravings

  • Fried chicken

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