Day two: Ringing the changes

I’ll admit this rightaway: today hasn’t been a very creative day foodwise, and we don’t have any exciting recipes to share – but there are still triumphs and tribulations to tell you about…


Today has very much been an out-and-about day, which meant mainly eating on the hoof (something which historically I’ve not been very good at when sticking to vegan options), though I did make it home for lunch with enough time to eat the remaining dosas from last night’s dinner (I cooked some mushrooms to bung in them, and zhoozhed up any remaining scraps with yesterday’s chilli and coriander salsa).

This being a travelling day, though, meant that I did have an excuse to hop on the tube – and thereby snag a copy of Time Out. There, not only did we find a very tempting photo of some cauliflower ‘wings’ at Rake’s Cafe (even better, the cafe is in our neck of the woods – we’re going there! Watch this space for our review…), but the magazine had also devoted an entire spread to vegan places to eat. Win!


20180904_223229_resizedWe will have to check some of these out – in fact, we’re doubly motivated to do so now, because Time Out also had a special offer to buy a ‘Vegan box’, with 50% off discount cards for 9 of the restaurants highlighted on the spread. We’re going to visit as many as we can this month – and those that we don’t make it to, we’ll save for Veganuary! Double win.

That’s where the festivities end, though – while I was ashamed to admit that we did no cooking today, I’m doubly ashamed to say that we pretty much failed to have dinner altogether – this was for fun reasons, I hasten to add, as we’d managed to secure tickets for Mock the Week. It was amazing fun watching the show being recorded, but were at the venue from 5 till almost 10pm, and therefore had no chance to nom. In hindsight, I should have found us some vegan snacks for the queue. Fail to prepare…

As it was, we were ravenous on the way home – but there was only a little corner shop in the tube station and we struggled to find anything vegan friendly in the sandwich section. Ditto the tempting array of samosas and sausage rolls. In the end, not knowing if anything was safe, I lamented that I would have to have nothing… until we spotted the crisps adorning the back wall. I continue to be hugely grateful that the first thing I googled in Veganuary was ‘Are Hula Hoops Vegan?‘ – that knowledge has stood me in good stead since then!

Back to business as usual tomorrow, we promise – it’s a night in, and I’m cooking 🙂

But just to leave this here – trust me, the thought of it is torment when you’re hungry! – today we also spotted that Marston’s pubs are going to launch a super-realistic fake meat burger this week. We’re intrigued! Will have to check it out before the end of the month.


Today I ate/drank

  • Tea with almond milk
  • Leftover dosa with shitake and close-cup mushrooms, chilli and coriander salsa
  • Fizzy squash
  • Piece of bread with vegan spread
  • Fanta
  • Bag of Hula Hoops


Today’s cravings

  • Lamb samosa


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