We’re back!

Hello world, the Quiet Vegans have returned! We so enjoyed our Veganuary adventures that we vowed to repeat the fun 6 months later. As August was the month when we were away from home doing a world of am-dram, though, we pushed things back a bit – and so here we are marking the start of ‘Septofu’.

Yes yes, I know, it’s the 3rd today – that’s because we were away visiting my parents over the weekend and it seemed a bit unfair to ask them to buy in a lot of new stuff – but pace, conscience, we’re going to run two days into October to make up for it. Speaking of bending the rules – while we’re going to be strictly vegan at home, and whenever we buy food/eat out at a restaurant, this time round I’m going to give friends the option of my being vegetarian if I go round theirs to eat (as last time round was a bit tricky).

In keeping with the healthy spirit of our Veganuary efforts, we’re also going teetotal for the month – though this time we’re allowed a very small number of pre-agreed (and strictly limited!) ‘days off’. Namely: a beer festival that Si had already bought a ticket for before we decided to do this; a weekend when we’re visiting one of Si’s friends in Brighton; and when we come to bottle the blackcurrant wine that is bubbling away in the corner of the living room – it would be daft not to have a sip to make sure it’s worth keeping before we squirrel it out of temptation’s way!

And one more healthy resolution – I’m giving up sugar in my tea for the duration.

So let’s see how we get on! I’m really excited about trying more new things – I particularly want to play with aquafaber, and to see if I can make us a passable tiramisu, and I know Jones has a to-cook list as long as his arm too. We’ll be blogging all our adventures (and misadventures!) as we go – we hope you’ll come along for the ride.



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