The many kinds of vegan ‘milk’

As I mentioned at the start of Veganuary, I’m a tea fiend. Really can’t function without my morning cuppa. As a result, it was crucial that we found a milk substitute that I enjoyed! We tried five – I’ve rated them in order of preference from best to worst (obviously just my opinion!) in case any other would–be vegans are interested:

  1. Hazelnut milk – is the king of all vegan milks, though alas I only managed to find it in big Tescos and at vegan markets rather than any of my local shops. So delicious and beautiful that I’d gladly drink it neat. It has a sweet, nutella-y flavour on its own, but doesn’t change the flavour of your cuppa to any great degree. It mixes well and tastes heavenly. This is the good stuff!
  2. Cashew milk – this is the most convincing milk substitute. Lovely taste, and not only does it mix properly, it makes the tea feel slightly ‘thicker’, like when you add real milk.
  3. Almond milk – this was our main staple throughout the month. Easy to find, easy to drink. It’s fine – doesn’t mix with your tea properly, and tends to sink to the bottom, but the flavour is good. A nice savoury kick, but it doesn’t distract too much from the tea.
  4. Oat milkSi had a go at making this, and it has a good savoury flavour. Again, though, it sinks to the bottom of your mug rather than mixing – and home-made milk, however tasty, tends to be a bit grainy in texture!
  5. Soy milk – I only had this once, towards the end of Veganuary, when I badly needed a pint of tea from Costa. It was the only non-milk milk available, so that’s what I ordered – to be honest, it’s pretty meh; the flavour’s not offensive, if a bit fruity, but as a milk it’s quite thin and nondescript. A handy back-up, but nothing special.
  6. Coconut milk – is vile. Really horrendous stuff. Thin and mixes badly – but worse still, a really overpowering smell and flavour. Like drinking watered-down suncream. Never again!


Edit: 5 September 2018

Hello Veganuary, this is the future! I’m writing from September to say that we’re loving doing another vegan month – and we’ve just added another milk substitute to our list. Chocolate almond milk – you wouldn’t put it in your cuppa, but it’s a lovely treat/dessert – thick and rich and very much like Frijj milkshake. Recommended!

Edit the second: 12 September 2018

Hello again! We’re back, from even further into the future, to report on another favorite new ‘milk’: chocolate oat milk. It’s amazing. It tastes a bit like Nesquik, but with a wonderful rich malted flavour, and also notes of vanilla, like someone has melted marshmallows into it. A. MA. ZING.

Edit the third: 11 January 2019

We’re back! That’s right, we’re doing our second Veganuary, and so far it’s all going swimmingly. I’d also like to add that we’ve just tried a fascinating new milk substitute: tiger nut milk. It’s bizarre but delicious – tastes just like rice pudding!

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