The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…

 Looking back on Veganuary, we tried so many new things! Below are what I would rank as the best, and worst, things I tried for the first time:

The Good

  • Hazelnut milk – sheer nectar. This is my absolutely favourite milk substitute, so sweet and almost nutella-y that I would gladly drink it by the glass. Mum says it’s amazing in porridge too.
  • Tofu – a surprise entry here as we didn’t expect to like it, but if you cut it thinly and cook it till it’s crispy on the outside, it’s really very nice.
  •  Jackfruit – so simple to cook, so tasty, and a flawless substitute for pulled pork.
  • Chia seeds as egg replacements – miraculous stuff, and the reason we were able to enjoy so many pancakes.
  • Blended roast aubergine added to any sauce – it makes it so thick and silky. Magical.

The Bad

  • Most vegan cheeses – generally speaking they range from disappointing to downright not nice! 
  • Avocado mousse if the avo isn’t ripe – my attempt was way too starchy.

The Ugly 

  • Vegan blue cheese – no redeeming qualities, but just about edible in soup.
  • Vegan marshmallow – just no. Not in any way a marshmallow… weird Turkish delight texture, and way too sweet.
  • Coconut milk – is a weird suntan-lotion-flavoured abomination. Never again!

What were your culinary successes and failures?

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