Veganuary: final thoughts

Welcome to February! With our Veganuary adventures now at an end, I’m using a long train journey (we’re going to Butlins!!) to reflect on the experience.

Overall, it’s been  overwhelmingly positive. Our diet has been super-healthy and not at all boring… and at home, at least, being vegan has been as easy as can be. The last month has certainly been a fun cooking challenge, as I had hoped at the outset, and I have learned a lot. Outside my flat, though, I found it trickier… specifically vegan restaurants are safe and their fare is very delicious, but when going round people’s houses I felt like a bother, and you can’t eat on the hoof so easily – the high street is improving but it is still a faff to grab a quick bite spontaneously.

The other downside of our new diet is that, in truth, it’s a right pain having to read every label and having to constantly ask waiters/barmen/friends ‘what’s in it?’ That said, I’ve definitely been healthier for the past month as I can’t snack so often or partake in office cake!

Mild whinges aside, though, Veganism is certainly tasty… and as interesting as you’re prepared to make it. With a bit of creativity or clever substitution we could still have most of our favourite treats… pizzaburgersicecreamcurrymacaroni cheesecheesecake… it’s certainly not a joyless diet of celery and lentils. 

Yet the specifically vegan dishes (rather than vegan versions of meat dishes) have also been a revelation: delicious, interesting, and inspiring. I have learned so much about using spices and layering flavour, and we are certainly going to continue trying new dishes and experimenting with vegan cooking, and will keep the spirit of eating more healthily and reducing our meat intake, and being more mindful of where things come from, in our hearts even if we return to our previous diet of mostly plant-based omnivory. 

Top 5 things I have eaten this month:

Things I missed the most:

    Best thing I learned: adding blended roast aubergine to any sauce makes it incredibly silky and lovely.

    Biggest regret: I never learned how to use the mysterious aquafaber!

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