In memoriam

In amongst the celebrations of a very successful Veganuary, I thought it was only right to take a moment to pay tribute to the various kitchen utensils who nobly gave their lives so that Si and I might live (or at least, might continue experimenting with vegan cooking).

If you would be so kind, a minute’s silence, please, for the following…

Spoony McSpoonerson, who was sacrificed to the greater good of making pulled jackfruit burgers


My lovely Shetland teatowel, scorched to bits during the quest for pizza

and this innocent cookie cutter, which was brutally bent out of shape when attempting to salvage the ‘accidental florentine’.

Their sacrifice will not be forgotten, nor will the noms that were made in each sad episode! Can’t help noticing that Simon was present at all of these loyal utensils’ untimely demises… hmmmm…

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