Day 31: One Day More!

I can’t believe this is our final day of Veganuary! It has been so much fun trying new things – the time has zoomed by. And while label-reading and spontaneous snacking/eating on the hoof had proved a bit faffy, self-catering has been so easy and interesting and healthy, far more than I expected at the start of the month.

Today I had my last cuppa with coconut milk (farewell forever, vile liquid!), and lunch was the last of the fridge soup. I admit, I’m a bit bored of it now, healthy though it might be… but I zhoozhed it up by adding the last of yesterday’s bulgar wheat, and topping it with some of the tahini drizzle that I had made for last night’s dinner (as well as the coriander that I’d forgotten to add to that dish). Much better!

Our last meal of Veganuary came courtesy of Jones, who made us each a beautiful burger using special vegan bean burger mix to which he had added soya mince. They were so tasty! We popped each in a roll with lettuce, ketchup, vegan mayo, and crispy onions fried in chilli oil… and topped the lot with a slice of really wonderful violife cheese – honestly, it tasted just like Edam and the consistency was perfect. Finally, a cheese that I think would pass a blind taste test! Where was this during our Week 2 cheese tasting…or during the rest of Veganuary??

On the side we each had a portion of homemade chips that Si had lovingly hand cut and cooked in the oven with a little oil and a lot of garlic salt. I dipped mine in vegan mayo… you know, this is one of my definite take-home things from Veganuary, you can’t tell the difference from normal mayo and it’s very nice.

Suitably fortified, we headed out to our weekly swing dance class – which was immense fun, we both really love it there.  T’was our last week of lindyhop… next Wednesday we start on the charleston. I can’t wait!
 Our customary post-dance drink was at the local Wetherspoons, where we had our final  £3 round – OK, some things I will miss about Dry January! – and it turned into a bit of a celebration, not only of the past month, but of the audition results, which  have finally come through (just as well – Si has been obsessively checking and refreshing his emails for the past 24 hours!). We have both been cast – really excited about getting into rehearsals 🙂

I’m going to write my thoughts on our vegan experience in a separate post, but this will be my last daily update, so it just remains to say that it’s been really fun, and thanks for reading!

Today I ate/drank...

  • Tea with coconut milk (blech)
  • Toast with peanut butter
  • Bread and vegan spread
  • Fridge soup with added bulgar wheat, fresh coriander, and tahini drizzle, and a bread roll
  • Vegan bean and soya mince burger, homemade chips cooked with garlic salt, crispy onions fried in chilli oil, vegan mayo, salad.
  • Ginger beer


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