Day 30: Alcohol-free auditions, eek!

Si and I do a lot of am-dram (in fact, it’s how we met!), and we sure do love our Gilbert and Sullivan. The one downside to this hobby is that periodically we have to audition – which I hate! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

This week I’m working from home, as all the windows in our office are being replaced… which is nice and relaxing, and means that I can experiment a lot more in the kitchen (with varying degrees of success, as yesterday’s blog post attests).

Today also marked the end of my experimenting with vegan ‘milk’ substitutes, as I completed the set by sampling coconut milk for the first time – first by itself, and then in tea.

Sad to say, this has to be my least favourite of the lot… it tastes so strongly of coconut that it’s more like yoghurt than milk; it doesn’t mix into tea but sinks to the bottom of the mug; and while the flavour is subtler when mixed into tea, your cuppa still has a smell disconcertingly like sunscreen. Not nice… for the sake of not wasting money I will stick with it till the end of January, but I am very relieved that that’s only one more day after today!

At lunchtime my sis popped round for a cuppa and some hen party planning… enormous fun catching up with her and scheming, plus she had also brought round a big bag of 1980s-tastic clothes for me to borrow for an 80s music weekend that Si and I are going to at the start of Feb. She also brought hula hoops, which are always gratefully receives. 

Lunch was another bowl of yesterday’s ‘Fridge Soup’ with a bread roll – sis declined to partake, being suspicious of the colour and saying that the cabbage made my flat smell ‘trumpy’. Harrumph! All the more for me, then…

While sis borrowed my shower, I popped out to buy ingredients for tonight’s dinner. I say popped out – I was gone for ages, having such a mission finding tahini (#middleclassproblems). Couldn’t find it anywhere in Tesco, though in the end one of the Asian supermarkets off my local market came to the rescue.

It was lovely catching up with sis, though she stayed a little longer than expected which put me behind rather with both my work and with starting cooking my and Si’s dinner! I had planned to make a variation on this roasted cauliflower dish, to use up the rest of the cauliflower that I bought yesterday… skipping the feta, swapping freekeh (which I couldn’t find) for bulgar wheat, and chucking some chilli-roasted nuts and seeds in the top.
This was topped with a drizzle of homemade tahini dressing – just tahini, lemon juice, minced garlic, water, and chilli flakes – which was a nice mix of savoury and bitter with just the right amount of heat, and some juicy raisins. Annoyingly, in my haste to get it on the table I forgot that I had also intended to garnish it with fresh coriander and a sprinkle of sesame seeds… rats! Si also suggested that it would be nice with a scatter of pomegranate seeds – a great idea – I will have  make this again (probably next time my vegetarian mum visits) to do it justice.

‘Here’s what you could have won’ aspects aside, it was a really tasty meal – it worked very well by itself, but would also make a beautiful warm salad to accompany a main dish.

It also set us up very well for our auditions in Chingford – for a production of the Grand Duke, since you asked, hence our trip to the Forbear version last Thursday – and it’s in situations like this that the Dry January discipline really has to kick in. I wasn’t thrilled with my performance, and came out of the audition feeling pretty low – normally in those circumstances I would have a nice cold glass of wine to cheer myself up while we dissected the evening, but this time round I was consoling myself with a couple of ginger ales. Still, the good company in the pub was a pretty good distraction by itself! Now we just have to wait to find out the audition results… *twitchtwitch*

Today I ate/drank

  • Tea with coconut milk (bleeeee)
  • Bag of hula hoops
  • Fridge soup with bread roll
  • Tea with almond milk
  • Roasted cauliflower and bulgar wheat, with raisins, chilli nuts and seeds, and a tahini drizzle
  • Fizzy squash
  • Ginger ale

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