Day 24: Comfort food required!

‘To be fair… as a macaroni cheese it’s not bad’, said Jones as he lowered his spoon.

He was doing himself down… the dinner we’ve just had was warm and gloopy and pure comfort food – and without using a scrap of actual cheese. The texture was spot on, and the flavour close enough (Si’s verdict: ‘like eating real macaroni cheese with a bad cold’)

To make it, Si whipped up a sauce using boiling water, chickpea flour, salt and pepper, to which he added some garlic and onion fried in chilli oil. When it was good and thick he stirred in a teaspoon of wholegrain mustard, and a lot of nutritional yeast.

Now, I’d heard about the yeast from Si before, and was interested to try it (my vegan ex colleague used to sprinkle it over everything too). I was a wee bit concerned about the smell, it’s a bit feet-like, but it tastes amazing – nutty and savoury and convincingly cheesey.

Mac n’ cheese is one of my favourite things, and my best comfort food, so it was a lovely thing to heap into a bowl after another brilliant swing dance class (we’re getting the hang of it now!) – and I’m very impressed with how good a macaroni cheese it’s possible to make without actually using cheese. Kudos, Jones!

It’s been a blustery, very rainy, pretty yucky day in London today, so what a relief to have a hot meal. Lunchtime continued yesterday’s theme of the high street not being hugely helpful for vegans… as I sloped down to the shops, getting blasted with rain, all my thoughts were of going to a cafe for a toasted sarnie or a jacket potato, or popping to M&S for my favourite mac and cheese ready meal… but I couldn’t think of a vegan friendly filling that I’d be able to buy for the first two, and of course I couldn’t have the third. Thank goodness I knew that Jones would be making me some that evening! What do full-time vegans do for comfort food if they don’t have time to make it themselves?

Instead, I went to Tesco to try another of their Wicked Kitchen wraps: a sweet potato pakora one. Weirdly, Si had also picked up the same wrap – though it was a bit discouraging when he messaged me as I was carrying my lunch back to the office ‘the pakora wrap is not very nice’… too late, Jones!

Actually, I thought it was quite nice. Tasty and spicy with a good balance of heat… though the flavours weren’t quite balanced, the mint was just a touch too strong and there was a bit too much sweet chilli-ish sauce, but I thought it was pretty good. Better than the ‘carrot pastrami‘ one, anyway!

And speaking of trying new things, today I also had my first taste of soy milk. It’s ok… slightly odd fruity taste, not unpleasant, but not as nice as my beloved hazelnut! Just coconut to try now…

Today I ate/drank…

  • Tea with soy milk
  • Much water
  • Sweet potato pakora wrap
  • Bag of ready salted crisps
  • Fanta
  • Vegan chocolate cookie
  • Mac and cheese
  • Apple and mango squash

Today’s cravings…

  • Goats cheese and artichoke toastie
  • Baked potato with sausage and cheese
  • Macaroni cheese


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