Day 22: Sharing the love

I took our vegan biscuits to choir today, and they went down a treat 🙂 Really pleased, they were lots of fun to make. 

Today was also the first time that I’ve spoken to many people about doing Veganuary… a quiet vegan no longer! Had a lovely time talking  about cooking, and doing this month as a creative challenge… and came away with some handy hints about vegan parmesan and the intriguing idea of a vegan fondue (!).

 Apparently the latter is nom but doesn’t stretch like a normal fondue – which certainly tallies with my experience of vegan cheese. I wonder what it is in normal cheese that gives it a melty mozzarella-y stretch and string that isn’t vegan friendly? Answers on a postcard please!

Tonight was our eating out treat night, so we popped to The Stable, a favourite cider bar (don’t worry, we’re still on the wagon!) near choir that also does amazing pizza. Turns out the amazingness also extends to their vegan menu: we had some yummy garlic bread with vegan cheese, followed by a pizza covered in asparagus and spinach and caramelised onion and toasted hazelnuts… it was absolutely beautiful, but I would never have thought to order it if we hadn’t turned over the page to see the vegan options.  One more example of how Veganuary is leading us to try delicious new things! Can’t believe we barely have a week of this challenge left.

Today I ate/drank…

  • Tea with oat milk 
  • Big chia seed pancake folded and filled with mushrooms
  • Bag of hula hoops 
  • Garlic bread with vegan cheese 
  • Pizza with asparagus, spinach, caramelised onion and toasted hazelnuts 
  • Lots of vegan biscuits 
  • Mug of hot water 
  • Lemonade

Today’s cravings…

Lemon drizzle gin (yes. It’s a thing. And no. Lemonade is not an adequate substitute)


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