Day 21: Vegan bake-off!

Making up for our lack of cooking yesterday, today we made up for it by barely leaving the kitchen. Today is baking day! 🙂

This was mostly inspired by our terrible hardships at choir, that there are never any vegan biscuits that we can eat at tea break. I know, right?? I don’t know how we manage either.

To rectify this dreadful oversight, I spent much of Sunday afternoon up to my elbows in flour and cocoa making vegan cookies. In all honesty the recipe isn’t very different to normal cookies, you just swap butter for vegan spread.

2/3 cups vegan spread
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
Cream all this together and stir in 2tsp vanilla essence…

In another bowl, sift together 1 cup flour and 1 cup cocoa, stir in 1tsp bicarb of soda and 1/4tsp salt… then tip all of this into the sugar/spread bowl.

Mix all together with your fingers till it turns into crumbs, then add almond milk bit by bit till it turns into a thick dough.

Stir in chopped nuts and vegan chocolate chips… take small bits and roll into balls that you flatten slightly, well spaced out, on a tray lined with baking paper.

15 mins in the oven and they come out crunchy round the edges and soft in the middle and smelling AMAZING! Once cooled they go lovely and chewy too.

I had a go at making plain nutty cookies too, but didn’t get the new ratio of flour to spread right without the cocoa, so they spread too much, melting right across the base of the pan in a thin, chewy, nutty layer. Hey ho, trial and error! For all that it’s not quite what we were looking for, it’s pretty nom… I’m going to cut it up and call it a Florentine. Totally deliberate, honest…

Today I ate/drank…

  • Tea with oat milk
  • Chia seed mushroom pancakes
  • Half my body weight in cookie dough and biscuit (just testing!)
  • Tofu korma
  • Fizzy squash
  • Alcohol free Heineken 

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