Day 20: Eating out

Not much cooking to report today, as mum and I have been out and about all day, but we *did* make breakfast: a veggie ball and mushroom bolognese wrap each. Very tasty!

Otherwise we were out at Spitalfields market, shopping for a dress for my sister’s wedding. Officially it was only mum who was looking to buy something (I have my bridesmaids dress, wheeeeeeeeee), but I love that market so much – and there’s every possibility I may have fallen into Collectif, and accidentally stumbled onto the sale rail, and, completely not deliberately, ended up buying a very beautiful skirt. Maybe. But not on purpose…

Due to these adventures we ate out for lunch and dinner, but didn’t have any trouble finding vegan eats… lunch was at one of my favourite restaurants, the Real Greek. Flatbread with oil, Gigantes Plakis (giant beans in tomato sauce), grilled aubergine in a rich tomato sauce, and stuffed vine leaves… a light but super tasty meal.

Good job that we saved some room though, as we had an early dinner (because of mum’s train) at a vegan burger place on Brick Lane called Mooshies.

Jones joined us for this… the place was his recommendation, as he had gone there during Veganuary 2016. It’s a small place, with shared tables and benches, but the food is fantastic. Si and mum each had the ‘Nutcracker’ – a mushroom and lentil burger with crispy onions,  sage and onion, flaxseed, and a cranberry and peanut butter mayo.

I had the ‘filet om phish’, which was a bit of a revelation… it’s battered aubergine, with vegan cheese, nori seaweed, and tartare sauce. And it was amazing! Probably my second favourite vegan meal I have had this month (after our beautiful Pad Thai) – the flavours were great, and it was utterly convincing as a thing. The texture of the battered aubergine, combined with tartare sauce and the slightly fishy flavour of the seaweed makes your brain go ‘yup, filet of fish!’

This we paired with a fiery ginger beer, and sweet potato fries covered in grated vegan cheese (fantastic cheese, btw – like a very mild cheddar, if it has featured in our cheese tasting I would have scored it highly for ‘cheeseness’ – and to follow, a peanut butter and chocolate brownie with vanilla ‘icecream’. It was just beautiful – the flavours were great, the brownie was fudgey and rich (if perhaps not quite risen as much as it could be), and the icecream was so creamy – you wouldn’t know any of the ingredients were anything out of the ordinary.  Good work!

Am currently chilling chez Jones with a rather nice alcohol free Heineken… tomorrow it’s time for a bit more experimenting: I’m going to try some vegan baking!

Today I ate/drank…

  • Tea with hazelnut milk 
  • Veggie ball and mushroom bolognese wrap 
  • Greek flatbread, Gigantes Plakis, grilled aubergine, stuffed vine leaves
  • My first bottle of coke of 2018. Wheeeeeeeeee! (Weirdly sweet, since I cut down on sugar…)
  • Mint tea
  • Filet om phish burger
  • Chocolate and peanut butter brownie with vanilla  icecream 
  • Ginger beer
  • Alcohol free Heineken 
  • Shots of the latest batch of oat milk

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