Day 16: Noms to go

Another day another rehearsal… this time I was better prepared and did at least have lunch sorted (a bread roll and some of last night’s broccoli and blue ‘cheese’ soup), but dinner meant relying on buying something en route at Liverpool Street Station (Jones had a thermos of soup and a sarnie that I made last night).

Happily, it turns out that Boots is as good for vegan food as Tesco proved yesterday – I found a very not-boring sandwich, and a tasty sweet treat – score. The sarnie was ‘coronation veggies’, on delicious malted bread, and it was really very good. Lovely roasted cauliflower (LOVE roasted cauliflower), carrots, and chickpeas that were all garlicky and gingery and sweet-spicy, with lots of spinach and coronation dressing – and, tucked in amongst this, fat juicy raisins. Honestly, I’ve never been so sad to see ‘limited edition’ on the front of a packet, I’d have this all the time!

Pudding was a little something called a Biccy Bom – I’d been cooing over them in the shop, thinking they were real chocolate, so imagine my delight when Jones pointed out that they were vegan! They are a bit like a Tunnock’s tea cake – little domes of ‘chocolate’ – but with a more solid biscuity filling and a soft date centre. Mine was salted caramel flavour, and Si had a ginger one (of course) – they’re very moreish!

Think that’s all for today… still no kitchen adventures tomorrow, as we’re out trying a swing dance class, but it’s Si’s turn to make us a pack-up for dinner… I’ve heard rumours of pizza…

Today I ate/drank…

  • Tea with hazelnut milk
  • Broccoli and blue vegan cheese soup, with a bread roll
  • Much water
  • Packet of hula hoops on the tube
  • Coronation veg sandwich, packet of crisps, and a salted caramel Biccy Bom
  • Fanta


Today’s cravings…

  • Biscuits – I spent quite a lot of a meeting at work reading the back of packets in the office biscuit jar…


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