Day 14: You win some, you lose some…

Today has been the first Sunday in SUCH a long time where we had no commitments, social calls to make, or anything particularly pressing to do – so of course we spent most of the day making nommish things to eat.

wp-1515971414443.jpgFirst stop was the kitchen to check the breadmaker, which was giving out the most beautiful smell… and I’m delighted to say that unlike yesterday’s sad collapsing loaf, this time round we were successful. Maybe it’s because this time we’d gone for a normal loaf using flour, rather than a mix of flour and soaked rye grains, rather than attempting anything fancy or experimental, but sometimes simple is best – it worked! When we lifted the lid we were greeted by a firm, golden, crusty loaf – and it tasted great too. Lovely and soft in the middle, crisp and crusty on the outside – happy days.

Breakfast was really a ‘using up what’s in the fridge’ affair – I fried up some mushrooms, the leftover sliced potato from yesterday’s pie, and the last bits of our Seitan roast with rosemary and lots of chilli/garlic salt, wilted in some spinach, then stirred in the last of the dipping sauce that we made for Friday’s spring rolls. This, heaped on top of a thin slice of our bread, toasted, was warming and filling and very satisfying (I may have gone back for seconds) – the soft potato, silky wilted spinach, and chewy seitan worked really well together.


In the run-up to lunch I was sent out to explore, looking for bits and bobs to make lunch – and supplies for making our own hazelnut spread, inspired by what we’d seen at Hackney Downs vegan market – and had a lovely time pottering round my nearest market, as well as the big Asian grocer’s further along the road. These are brilliant places to find interesting and unusual ingredients – as well as spices in large but cheap quantities (a godsend when you need to restock!) and bigger packets of nuts than you’ll find in the supermarket.

When I got back it was all systems go for making lunch – beautiful jackfruit ‘pulled pork’ burgers that Si has blogged about here – messy and creative fun! While we were cooking we also sampled a small bag of ‘Hippeas’ chickpea puffs which we’d been given as a free sample. There were laughably few in a bag, but they weren’t bad – kind of like very crispy Wotsits.

Dinner was a simpler affair, taste-testing a range of vegan cheeses, which was immense fun – though alas we have to end on a slight note of failure, as we accidentally left the hazelnuts in the oven for too long and burned them beyond salvation, so Operation Nutella will have to wait till next week when Si has had a chance to buy some more. Hey ho! Half the fun of this month, I’m finding, is in the experimentation – and if it’s a bit trial and error, that’s all part of the adventure 🙂

Today I ate/drank…

  • Tea with hazelnut milk
  • Use-up breakfast hash on toast
  • Half a bag of ‘Hippeas’ snacks
  • Two jackfruit ‘pulled pork’ burgers
  • Fizzy squash
  • Four kinds of vegan cheese, on toast
  • Fizzy pear drink from Ikea

Today’s cravings…


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