Day 13: Tortoise pie

Today has been a bit of an epic day, both in terms of fun and of distance covered – Jones has already blogged about this elsewhere, but we walked 15 miles today! Some of which I ran, after managing in spectacular fashion to leave my bag in the Ikea cafe (thank goodness for kind security men), so we have definitely fulfilled our exercise goals but we are also very footsore – and when we got in we were absolutely starving. Time for a hearty dinner! (and some Alan Partridge)

Tonight’s fare was a lentil and mushroom pie, with lovely crunchy filo pastry – and this evening the new food processor got a workout too. We started out by making a sofrito from onion, carrot, and celery,  all blitzed small. Scrape that into a bowl, and the next thing to go into the processor was a load of mushrooms which we pulsed into small pieces but not too smooth. Finally, scraping out the processor and swapping to the slicing blade (I love this machine!) we fed in a potato, cut into thirds, which quickly became a pile of big paper-thin flakes that we laid on a plate and part-cooked in the microwave.

Sofrito, meet frying pan. Once this lovely mixture had cooked down a bit with the help of some vegetable stock, in went the mushrooms. It was already smelling amazing – but we helped it on its way a bit more with some thyme, and then added a tin of green lentils and a good squeeze of ketchup. Beautiful! After all this had cooked down to a thick paste (but with the lentils still intact), we left the mixture to cool so that it wouldn’t melt through the filo.

That done, we took sheets of filo pastry and lined an oiled oven dish. We brushed a bit more oil onto the surface of the pastry, and added another sheet…and repeat. Having made a lovely bed for our ingredients, we created a layer of potato slices, covered this with the lentil and mushroom mix, and topped with another layer of potato. Very carefully we folded the pastry back over the top, like wrapping a present, brushed a bit more oil over the top, and hey presto! Ready for the oven.

Into the oven went the pie, and while it was cooking we made a zingy, really fresh sauce by blending up some roasted Mediterranean vegetables, stock, coriander leaves, red pepper, and cherry tomatoes. The pie itself took about half an hour to cook, though halfway through Jones bravely turned it out and put it back in upside down to brown the base. When it was done, it was a lovely golden-brown oval that we immediately named ‘tortoise pie’, and served with the rest of the Mediterranean veg.


It was really good! The filling was surprisingly ‘meaty’ in texture, almost like mince. Very satisfying, with a lovely savoury flavour. The crunchy pastry was a great contrast to its rich, thick contents… it would have been interesting to have put the leftovers in the fridge, to see what the pie was like after cooling overnight and setting a bit more… except there were no leftovers…

As a closing gesture, we’ve set the breadmaker going again, hoping that we have better luck than this morning’s results. Tomorrow is vegan cheeseboard day – I cannot wait!!

Today I ate/drank…

  • Tea with cashew milk
  • Mushrooms on toast
  • Bag of crisps and a bottle of Fanta (dying on the way to the market)
  • Tea with hazelnut milk
  • Lots of free samples of cheese and cookies and chocolate spread
  • Salted caramel chocolate vegan brownie (and a bite of Si’s cherry and vanilla ball)
  • Half a portion of chips at Ikea
  • Ikea pear soft drink
  • The last few lentil chips
  • Mushroom and lentil pie with Mediterranean veg
  • Orange squash

Today’s cravings…

None, cos I was allowed to eat vegan versions of all the things I normally crave!

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