Day 11: I. Want. WINE!

Today really was One of Those Journeys. Normally my commute is slow (I live on the other side of the city to my work), but you can sit and read/play games on your phone/contemplate what weird secrets the other people in the carriage might be hiding. But today… boy oh boy. Someone messing about on the tracks at Victoria, combined with a fault on the Jubilee line, and massive overcrowding, and after five tube lines and a great deal of shuffling, squishing, and getting squashed and stood on and bumped and hot and hangry and stressed and HATING my fellow man, I finally got home. And when I got home, there was nothing I wanted more than a large cold glass of white wine…

I didn’t have one, of course, but it was interesting to take a step back and think about what I was feeling – just goes to show that habits don’t change that quickly. I might be finding Dry January pretty straightforward (or so I thought), without craving booze on a day-to-day basis – but the moment I’m stressed, my instinctive reaction is still WINE!

Funny too – when Jones arrived we shared the last Becks Blue, and even though it has no alcohol in it, and even though I knew it had no alcohol in it, the moment that cool, light taste of beer touched my tongue I felt my whole body relax. How’s that for the power of placebo?

Jones is going to blog about tonight’s dinner, but suffice to say it was a bit of a voyage of discovery. Just as (back in omnivorous times) I have never liked scrambled egg, and Jones set out to prove to me that I did, tonight we’ve been cooking with an ingredient that Si has never enjoyed, but that we couldn’t really ignore in a whole month of veganism. I’m also going to add that if I was allowed to live on what we had for pudding, I would gladly keep up this vegan thing forever!

Today I ate/drank…

  • Tea with cashew milk
  • Three-bean chilli
  • Lots of water
  • Becks Blue
  • Slice of wholemeal sandwich thin
  • Sesame tofu with broccoli, seeds, and mixed grains
  • Caramelised pineapple
  • Fizzy squash

Today’s cravings…

  • Beautiful beautiful wine

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