Day 9: Do you want fries with that?

I think the thing I’m enjoying about veganism the most is how creative it is making us be. And I do mean ‘making’… not in a joyless way, but in that we’re really having to use our initiative, and do a lot more cooking from scratch, which can only be a good thing. Case in point: last night when I got in after choir and realised I had no lunch for the next day… if I’d been omnivoring like usual, I’d have just gone ‘meh, I’ll grab a sandwich from M&S on my lunchbreak… but because none of my usual go-tos are vegan friendly, I got the slow cooker down and whipped up something myself to cook overnight. That would never happen normally!

The slow cooked nom was a bean chilli, and I had some of it for lunch today (on brown rice), with three more portions tucked in the fridge for the rest of the week. It was warming and tasty – the three different kinds of bean (black, borlotti, and black-eyed) made for a nice mix of textures, and the spices came through beautifully. Not bad at all! I used to do a lot of batch cooking a while ago, mainly to save pennies, and I hope this is the start of building good habits in that direction again.

Dinner was a team effort, and involved my first go at using the food processor – it’s brilliant! You should have seen what short work it made of grating carrots – it was both awe inspiring and slightly terrifying. We made four tasty bean burgers, by gently frying some onions and garlic, then adding grated carrot and black beans that had been blitzed in the food processor. Mix in some oats for binding, coriander and chilli, and we were good to go! After patting the burgers into shape we popped them into the freezer for a bit, to firm them up, and then cooked them in a big frying pan on the hob.

These we served with vegan mayo and a handful of spinach in soft, wholemeal flatbreads, alongside a pile of homemade sweet potato fries (coated in polenta to make them nice and crispy). The burgers were much softer than their meat equivalents but held together nicely, and the spices in them really sang through – they tasted not unlike an onion bhaji, which is one of my very favourite things.

As for pudding, this came courtesy of one of Jones’ cravings, which struck him while we were in the fruit and veg aisle of our local Lidl – helpfully it was something we are definitely allowed to eat: pineapple! It was a bit fiddly to prepare, but so worth it – toasted in a pan on the hob the golden rings were really luscious – sweet and juicy and not needing any accompaniment. Good idea, Jones!

Speaking of Jones: he sends his apologies for the radio silence – his plague has worsened once more and he is lying coughing quietly beside me. Think kindly of him when he is gone… otherwise, watch this space, I’m sure he’ll be up and fidgeting in no time.

Today I ate/drank…

  • Tea with cashew milk
  • Three-bean chilli with brown rice
  • Orange squash with fizzy water
  • Lentil crisps (while waiting for dinner to cook)
  • Two bean burgers in wholemeal flatbreads, with spinach and vegan mayo. Served with sweet potato fries.
  • Fresh pineapple


Today’s cravings…


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