Day 6: Breakfast o’Champions

As you may recall, I love breakfasts in all their forms (ok, apart from kippers – but helpfully they are but a distant memory thanks to Veganuary!)…and this morning Carly had planned a splendid breakfast hash of potato, spinach, tomato, onion, peppers, avocado and stuff! Adapted from another online recipe, it was super tasty & filling…

We were chatting this morning that we haven’t missed alcohol at all and it’s only really entered my mind as an addition to a meal – like a glass of red wine with the goulash etc…rather than it being a stand alone “oh it’s 6 o’clock…crack open the tequila”…one of the comedians we saw on New Years Eve said that you probably shouldn’t have a drink if the thought to do so starts with the words “F*ck it”! (Many a true word spoken in jest)..And even though there have been a few of those moments this week owing to Work rubbish it’s never tipped over into ending up a beery mess asleep upside down in a bin!…this can only be a good thing to hold onto going forwards!…

I think, owing to the variety and just general tastiness of the food we’ve made and eaten over the last week or so, that this is reason the cravings for the pre-Jan stuff have diminished to almost nothing…thinking rationally, cravings seem to stem from a position of wanting and usually when you think about it, it’s not necessarily for the thing you end up reaching out for – it’s more that you’ve associated over time to link feeling down, vexed or stressed with a self-medication response of chocolate or wine or whatever your particular poison is…and maybe the vegan diet/menu/thought processes have filled the “gap” both physically and mentally…and there’s been a shift, as Carly alludes to, in that cravings or desires are evoked by exposure to something, rather than being a self brain triggered urge…

There’s no easy segue into this next bit, so here it goes…I’m going to get my hair cut: I hate this. Not because of the physical act but because of the inane relentless ramblings of the barber…usually 99% of the time, I’m a chatty and sociable person – who loves talking to everyone and everybody – but put me in a barbers chair and it’s take your seats for the “Mr Monosyllabic & his Vow of Silence” spectacular – the ancient Greeks had the same problem too..

Barber : “How would you like me to cut your hair, sir?”


Customer : “in silence”…

The customer in this instance was Archelaus, King of Macedon from 413-399 BC….so at least I’m in good company…

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