Elusive Spaghetti Squash Rules!

This popped up on Facebook, quite liked the look of these – so here you go!…

Really want to make the spaghetti squash pad thai…however this brings up something interesting : in the UK you’d find it easier to find a unicorn, riding a penny farthing, juggling talking hamsters than stumble across a spaghetti squash…Now before anyone in the UK pops up and links to “butternut squash spaghetti” or “courgette spaghetti” – these are not the same thing! They’re just spiralised veg, not the hallowed magic squash…

Ok, I always carry a dexterous unicorn in my bag and as such, one day I did find a squash in a health food shop in Hackney – tho it was an import from somewhere and cost me £8…and I’ve never seen one since!…but it was lovely…

….and now on that same day each year you’ll find me stood on the sand dunes, staring out onto the crashing waves *cue violins and sweeping choral singing*, hoping beyond hope that I’ll catch a glimpse of another spaghetti squash…(I think the central heating is too high & Ive gone a bit delirious)…

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