Day 5: Temptation beckons

Today my resolve had its sternest test yet, as I went back into the office only to find that a colleague had celebrated their birthday the day before, and the ‘treats table’ was still groaning under the weight of all my favourite things that I’m not currently allowed to eat. Biscuits… ring doughnuts…  *voice catches in throat* Reese’s cups… honestly, I have never been so glad that my desk faces away from the office rather than into it, and towards that tantalising table!

On some level, I wonder if my subconscious somehow knew that this was going to happen, as last night I had my first dream about veganism… I dreamed that Si and I were having dinner at my mum’s, and she presented us both with a juicy pork chop. In the dream we were both sorely tempted, and conflicted about what to do – we definitely considered whether we could nom the chop and get away with it – but in the end virtue won out, and I’m proud to say that I did not succumb to the office treats either. The only thing I helped myself to from the table, as I pottered past on my way to refill my water glass, was three olives that I figured had to be vegan friendly.

It’s been a testing couple of days – Si’s share of teasing came courtesy of my sis and her fiance, who are currently in Belgium and keep sending us photos of delicious beers. But we are holding strong! Me, I haven’t really missed booze at all, which is hugely surprising – though I did have my first spark of ‘ooh, I would like a glass of wine’ tonight as we were watching the Hairy Bikers on TV, and one of them chucked a dash of white wine into their sizzling pan. Otherwise I’ve not missed it at all, though.

Foodwise, lunch was the rest of the souped-up chilli and fried rice from yesterday, and dinner was an amazing goulash and dumplings that we’ve blogged about separately. Tomorrow morning it’s my turn to cook, as I’ve promised Si a big vegan breakfast – I have stocked up on potatoes, cherry tomatoes, a pepper, mushrooms, spinach, and avocado… it’s going to be tastyyy!

Today I ate/drank…

  • Tea with almond milk
  • Sweet potato and bean chilli with fried rice (containing peas, onion, spring onion, spinach, and cucumber)
  • Three olives
  • Black bean and mushroom goulash with potato dumplings
  • Orange squash

Today’s cravings…

  • All things Reese’s

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