A goulash by any other name

20180105_194351.jpgJones says I’m not allowed to call our dinner ‘black bean goulash surprise’, it is ‘black bean and mushroom goulash with potato dumplings’. But I think my name for our noms is more fun – and accurate too!

Tonight’s dinner was a beautiful bowlful of smoky goodness – tasty sofrito to which we added black beans and red pepper and tinned tomato and garlic (as well as ALL the paprika, both smoked and unsmoked), as well as whole button mushrooms. On top, fresh parsley and a load of potato dumplings, which Jones first boiled and then baked in the oven.

wp-1515189938516.jpgThe reason I call the dish ‘surprise’ is that, when it’s all mixed together, you can never be sure whether you’re going to spoon up a mushroom or a lovely doughy crispy dumpling, as both are round and about the same size. Either way is delicious, though – it’s a lovely dish, and you really don’t feel the lack of meat in it – in any case, the rough texture, with the chopped carrot and celery and onion, gives it an almost mince-like mouthfeel.

We are now sitting on the sofa feeling very warm and full and contented… dreaming of buying a food processor and planning next week’s menu over the weekend. This vegan lark is rather fun!

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