Get thee behind me Reece’s

This morning I’d run out of toothpaste so popped into Tesco’s to be met with a whole box of temptation..

Hehehe, now unlike most of the UK I love Hershey’s/Reece’s chocolate AND peanut butter (I mean, who doesn’t? But it’s a bit on the “naughty” side which is why I try and limit shovelling it into my face with a ladle) so I’ve chalked these on the board for “Things to eat in February”…though I recall last year when it came to the end of January, I found it quite difficult to jump back to regular mainstream cooking/eating and it took a fair bit of time…I’d enjoyed the culinary challenge and healthiness aspect so much that I was even thinking about making each month a different approach; fruitarian, paleo, veggie etc…to see how that went, alas it never transpired…but this year, who knows! – What a good idea for a blog 😉

But this got me thinking of two things…a)There needs to be a viable “go-to” snacking option for this month which isn’t cake, biscuits, fillet steak etc…or indeed just fruit (natural sugar, is still sugar!) for those mid afternoon blood sugar crashes…this is where today’s craving has helped & also gives a lesson in listening to what your body is asking for (drum roll purrrlease)…rice cakes!..

(then again, probably wise to adjust the makeup/content of meals to ensure that they keep me sated until the next meal to avoid snacking at all – but then again, this isn’t meant to be a punishment!)

And b) THIS magic stuff which is basically super low fat peanut butter powder…

Just add water and away you go!…I’d totally forgotten this until the peanut butter temptation this morning!, reverting to my scientist past (now pay attention, there’ll be a test after this)

a + b = c (ravings be gone)!

Cravings = rice cakes (Box ticked), peanut butter (healthy Box ticked)…and of course, Reece’s eggs! (Box unticked & crushed under the foot of righteousness)…

…And for my next trick….off to Carly’s to make dinner : when is a burrito not a burrito?…when it’s an enchilada!…

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