Day 3: Home alone

wp-1514978491483.jpgToday I was working from home, so for the first time I had to think about all three meals (well, I say that… lunch was yesterday’s leftovers, and I knew Jones was coming round to help with dinner, but I felt terribly brave and intrepid when I woke up!).

So, breakfast. On a work day I don’t tend to have it, as I live on the wrong side of the city to my office and would rather have more time to peruse the papers/think profound thoughts/hit the snooze button 50 times (two of these things may not be entirely true) rather than get up earlier still in order to throw food together – but at weekends, and when working from home, I enjoy making something to start the day with.

That said, I hadn’t planned to work from home today (boring story – the intern I’m meant to be managing couldn’t come in – let’s make up something more adventurous. Maybe involving pirates), so hadn’t factored breakfast food into my shopping for this week. Cue a frantic scramble round the cupboards for something breakfasty that was also vegan friendly – let’s just say that it was a bit Mother Hubbardesque there. Excellent planning, me.

In the end, I stumbled on an apple, which I sliced up and had with some peanut butter – and you know what, it was both tasty and surprisingly filling, keeping me going till lunchtime with the help of a few cups of herbal tea. Mind you, that could be because I ate about a quarter of a jar of peanut butter – delicious, but probably not very good for me! Luckily, Si turned up this evening bearing a miracle powder that you can mix with water to turn into a low-fat version of peanut butter, and he has kindly given me half of this – truly it is the food of the gods! Looking forward to having some of it with the rye bread that Si also brought me.

Lunch was the rest of yesterday’s bubble and squeak, and dinner was the enchiladas that I’ve blogged about elsewhere. All told, today has been pretty straightforward, and I’ve been much less hungry. The cravings are hitting hard, though… not cheese this time, and still not meat or wine. Rather, I’m absolutely longing for sweet things. Since biscuits and chocolate are off the menu at the moment, we’ve also accidentally drastically cut our sugar intake, at the same time as the other changes, and having lived on Lindt balls all Christmas, I am in serious withdrawal. I’m determined to ride it out, though – would be great if I came out the other side of this having tamed the sweet tooth a bit! Wish me luck…

Today I ate/drank…

  • Tea with almond milk
  • Sliced apple with peanut butter
  • 2 pots ‘vanilla fudge’ tea (no dairy in the ingredients, promise! Natural vanilla flavourings only)
  • Bubble and squeak, with a portobello mushroom
  • A corn thin (like a rice cake) with magic low-fat peanut butter
  • Sweet potato and bean chilli enchilada
  • Orange squash and fizzy water


Today’s cravings…

  • Biscuits
  • Chocolate
  • A chocolate brownie that I saw on the TV

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