All wrapped up

Today Jones is not well (as I type he is lying spluttering nearby… must be ill, as he meekly accepted the blue fluffy blanket that normally he’d rather freeze to death rather than allow it anywhere near him), so it’s a good job that dinner was a spicy flavour sensation…

On the menu this evening was enchiladas – burritos packed snugly next to each other in a dish of tomato sauce and baked in the oven. They were filled with a tasty mix of rice, sweet potato, onion, green peppers, and kidney beans, all cooked up as a chilli with lots of paprika and heat (though not so much as to Carly-proof it!) – and the sauce was a combo of roasted red pepper and tomato whizzed up with my trusty stick blender.

Despite being near death, Si led on the cooking – and the result was truly delicious. I won’t deny that my initial thought (ok, that quite a few bites were accompanied by the thought) was ‘this would be lovely with some cheese on it’ – but it was really yummy in its own right, spicy and tomatoey and spicy – I didn’t not enjoy it for the lack of dairy!

We’ve got an extra enchilada each for lunch (not to mention a load of leftover rice – I may have overestimated how much we needed by a factor of about 20 – and chilli), looking forward to seeing how it reheats tomorrow 🙂

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