Day 1: Are hula hoops vegan…?

wp-1514844149030.jpgHere we are at the end of day 1, and I’m glad to say that so far I haven’t missed my beloved Pinot Grigio one bit (though Si reminds me that it’s only been 12 hours of abstinence so far, given when we woke up…).

A New Year’s Day hangover does tend to dull the appeal of alcohol for a bit, mind, which might explain why I’m finding this so easy! That said, my first groggy thought upon awaking was ‘I need bacon’, and the pang that struck me when realised that it wasn’t an option genuinely felt like grief!

Tea was definitely the order of the day, though, and so I left Jones quietly dying in bed while I pottered to the nearest supermarket for almond ‘milk’. Although I’m eager to make the most of Veganuary as an opportunity to explore new things, rather than relying on ‘replacement’ versions of things I already eat, finding a decent (ie drinkable) milk substitute was a key stepping stone to my sticking with the new regime, as I am not giving up my morning cuppa on top of everything else! Drinking tea without milk makes me really nauseous so simply doing without wasn’t an option – but it turns out almond milk is lovely. In tea, you really can’t taste the difference, though I’m still getting used to the nutty, slightly bitter flavour when it’s drunk ‘neat’/

I think this is going to be the key to my enjoying Veganuary – I need to change my mindset, to get excited about trying new things rather than focusing on all the favourites that I’m ‘not allowed’ this month. I’m getting there!

The other tricky thing for me is that, being entirely new to veganism, unlike Si I don’t intuitively know what’s safe to eat and what isn’t… and so, I’m proud to reveal that my first Google search of the new year, hung over and craving salt, was ‘are hula hoops vegan?’ Thank goodness, they are!

From that small triumph, the day continued to improve – we’ve had a great afternoon of trying lots of delicious things, and other than that initial longing for bacon, I haven’t missed meat, dairy products, or wine at all. Onwards and upwards!

Today we ate/drank…

  • Tea with almond milk
  • Hula hoops
  • Vegan ‘fried chicken’ and ‘mac n’ cheese’ (of which more anon)
  • Vegan chocolate buttons – the texture is a bit different, like slightly old chocolate, or the contents of an inexpensive advent calendar, but the taste is beautiful, you wouldn’t know they weren’t milk chocolate.
  • A vegan wrap filled with Ikea veggie balls and portobello mushrooms.
  • Orange squash with fizzy water


Today’s cravings…



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